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Roof Repairs Edinburgh

Roof Repairs Edinburgh

Whether you have a slate roof, tiled roof or flat roof, Munro roofing have an experienced team of professionals available to provide you with an honest quotation for roof repairs Edinburgh. We undertake all roof repairs reliably and to a high standard.

Overtime, the weather and the elements take a toll on your roof. Storms and rain can wear away at the pointing and roofing material until water starts to seep into your home. This can have a knock on effect causing:

  • Dripping Water
  • Damp
  • Damage to Interior Decor
  • Damage to Walls
  • Damage to furniture and flooring

It is a good idea to have your roof checked and repaired regularly to prevent long term or more serious issues. Whilst some roof repairs may be covered by home insurance, at times it is expected by the insurance company that you have maintained your roof to a satisfactory condition so we would always recommend roof repairs are identified and carried out sooner rather than later.

Landlords and Rented Accommodation Roof Repair and Maintenance Edinburgh

We are experienced at maintaining and repairing commercial and domestic roofing.

  • Protect business, leisure and retail premises
  • Protect commercial premises – We undertake school roof repair, hospital roof repair, office roof repair, barn roof repair, warehouse roof repair

Gutter and Rhone Systems

Repairing and maintaining your guttering system goes hand in hand with maintaining your roof. Poorly installed or damaged guttering and drainage puts additional pressure on your building and roof. We are able to assess both your roof and your guttering and make the necessary repairs on the same job so you can have peace of  mind that there won’t be any leaks any time soon.

If you would like a quotation for Roof Repairs Edinburgh, get in touch today via our contact page or call us on 07713 141 684.

Roof Repairs Edinburgh