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Lead and Zinc

Lead or zinc roof installation

Whether you require a lead or zinc roof installation, repair or maintenance of your existing roof, contact Munro Roofing Services Edinburgh today!

Lead is an extremely popular material for roofing and, in many ways, is considered the benchmark when it comes to roofing materials. It is flexible and malleable, thus easy to apply.

It boasts superior sealing properties while remaining corrosion resistant and long-lasting. Furthermore, it is recyclable and thus beneficial to the environment.

Zinc is another material that is particularly suited to roofing. It is long-lasting, extremely durable and possesses a natural resistance to corrosion. Zinc roofs are also self-healing: if the material is scratched, it can fix itself over time. This makes zinc roofs essentially maintenance-free.

At Munro Roofing Services Edinburgh, we offer lead and zinc roof installation, repair and maintenance. Our roof installation experts are available across Edinburgh and are ready to advise you on your roofing options.

Zinc Roof newly installed