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Roof tile installation and repair

Munro Roofing Services offer tiling, roof tile installation and repair across Edinburgh. As opposed to slate, roof tiles are manmade, and can be made from range of hard-wearing materials, such as fired clay or concrete.

Roof tiles are available in all shapes, sizes, colours and design and thus offer a flexible option. The flexibility offered by roof tiles extends into a cost benefit, since larger tiles can be used to cover a larger area, at reduced cost.

Tiling is suited to projects where an irregular roof necessitates variably sized tiles, such as feature windows or chimneys. Furthermore, with the broad range of available designs and colours, roof tiles are also perfectly suited to bespoke and unique applications.

Much like slate, roof tiles are impervious to fire, rot and insect damage. Increasingly, roof tiles are being seen as an environmentally friendly option, as they can be recycled when removed.

Contact Munro Roofing Services Edinburgh to discuss the range of tiling options we have for your bespoke roof tile installation project.

Tiled Roof Edinburgh with new sun light section by Munro Roofing Services