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Rubber Bond EPDM

Rubber Bond EPDM Roofing

Rubber Bond EPDM is an extremely tough and durable choice for a flat roofing solution. It is a strong, long-lasting and waterproof flat roofing system approved by the British Board or Agrément and  the National House Building Council. It can be twice as strong and twice as thick as standard EDPM products and should last fifty years minimum.

At Munro Roofing, we use the most up to date rubber bond EPDM products providing the best water proofing solution with almost no shrinkage to ensure a long-lasting, age-resistant roof is in place for years to come. With this roofing finish you should not have to worry about and cracking or crazing effects, the appearance should remain even and unaffected by UV or weather conditions in your location.

Rubber Bond EPDM is suitable for both renovations and new installation projects and can be used on both domestic, commercial and industrial properties with ease. It is also an excellent material to use for detailed roof work with angles providing a professional finish.

We are fully trained and experienced in all roofing material installation so you can be assured that you will be delighted with the finished result.

Another advantage of this roofing material and installation process is that it offers fantastic affordability and value for money.

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