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Velux Windows Edinburgh

Velux Windows Edinburgh

For Velux windows Edinburgh, Munro Roofing are and excellent choice. We can advise you in relation to the possibilities for Velux windows on your property and roof type. If suitable, we can provide a quotation to supply and fit a Velux window safely and professionally into your roof.

Benefits of adding a Velux

  • Increased light levels – The obvious benefit has to be the light levels. Adding a Velux to your space can flood a previously dark area with light during the daytime. It can completely transform your space.
  • Ventilation – Rooms in the upper parts of a building or in the eaves of a property can feel stuffy and over heated especially during summer months. Adding a Velux allows your room to breathe and improves the circulation of fresh air. This could also reduce damp issues.
  • Modern design and look – interior designers frequently recommend installation of Velux windows as a design feature
  • Stargazing – with a window in the roof, you create a window to look directly up at the night sky. If stargazing is your thing, you could even get yourself a telescope!

Professional Installation

It is essential that you get professional advice regarding the suitability of a Velux style window. Roof pitch, depth and material are all considerations to ensure that the window will sit well withing the roof line and that leaks can be avoided.

To get a quotation, get in touch via our contact page or call us on 07713 141 684.


Velux Windows Edinburgh