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Harling and Pointing

Harling and Pointing Edinburgh


At Munro roofing we provide traditional harling and pointing repair and finishing services for the exterior of your property. So many of our beautiful buildings and homes in and around Edinburgh are finished traditionally with cement or lime mortar based harling, pointing and rendering.

Harling is a traditional rendering process used to protect your buildings exterior with a hard wearing and long lasting yet coat of cement and granite chips to protect from excess moisture. This excess moisture could freeze causing cracking and damage to your surfaces. Harling is of course also a beautiful finish that can be lime washed if needed.

Pointing fills in any gaps and professionally finishes and edges where your harling meets your stonework. It is important to keep pointing in good condition to prevent water entering your buildings exterior finished causing damage over time. When pointing we will rake out ay existing and damaged areas and replace the pointing to reseal your buildings exterior.

With so many years of experience repairing and maintaining roofs and building exteriors in and around Edinburgh, we believe we are an excellent choice for a professional and expert solution to your harling and pointing needs.

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